Chaos Voodoo 13 Under 21 Battle Of The Bands

Fancy yourself playing on the big stage at Chaos, but not sure if your band is ready? You and your mates got a band together, and want to see how you stack up against the other young bands?
Chaos Voodoo 13 has the gig for you! For Sunday afternoon we are turning our main stage, with 12000 watts of PA, full Front of House and Onstage Monitors mixed by our pro crew and stage crew will be there for you.

So what’s next? Well fill out the form below by March 31st to apply for a place. Its open to all bands where the members are under 21. Then tell all your mates about it, because entry to Chaos will be free on this day, and part of the judging is based on the crowds cheer for your set! The rest of the judging will be done by the Chaos Stage Crew.

What’s in it for you? Well the winning band will have their set recorded and filmed, then the mix and footage digitally re-mastered together by NoizeMonkey Productions. You will also get yourself a paid gig at The Vault, and a place on the main bill at Chaos 18. There are more prizes in the pipeline also, so stay tuned!



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