lineup times

So, rought time line of bands. Remember any of this can and will change by then but….

Peace Tent.


Duran Duerdan
Silas the Assyrian Assassin
Elliot Falla
The Phantom Cosmonaut
EqUiLibRiuM (Alex Psymons)
Chill Sessions with Citizen-X & Ambient Fraggle

Nick Mann’s Biscuit Tin Banjo Blues
Blue Mountains
Gregory Harrison
Lord Vapour
Semu Ca
Honest Crooks
Buffalo Huddleston
The John Wesley Stone
DJ Ipcress
Chill sessions with Sephira & Ambient Fraggle

Damaged Disco
Chloe Le Page
Day Before Thursday
The Crowman
The Ukuladeez
Bekki Hamilton’s Musical Mashup



Main Stage


10:30 to 11:45 – Robert J Hunter
9:00 to 10:00 – Electric Shakes
8:00 to 8:40 – To The Woods
7:00 to 7:40 – Pirate Party Brigade
6:00 to 6:40 – Stalk The Lantern
5:00 to 5:40 – Rick Jones


10:30 to 11:45 – Stormbringer
9:00 to 10:00 – Sovereign
8:00 to 8:40 – Demise of Sanity
7:00 to 7:40 – Fly Casual
6:00 to 6:40 – Static Alice
5:00 to 5:40 – Stone Em All
4:00 to 4:40 – The OK
2:00 to 2:40 – TBC
1:00 to 1:40 – Underdog
12:00 to 12:40 – The Doomsday Project


7:00 to 8:30 – Flash Mob
6:00 to 6:40 – The Recks
5:00 to 5:40 – Near Bliss
2:40 to 3:20 – TBC
1:40 to 2:10 – Buff Hudd
12:50 to 1:20 – Coastal Fire Dept.
12:00 to 12:30 – Matt Ward

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Byzanthian Neckbeard Bloodstock Triumph!!

Daz (Colonel Chaos) is pleased to announce that a local Bearded Sludge Doom Supergroup made up of some the islands elite metal musicians (and very good friends and fellow band members!) have made it through the Metal 2 The Masses battle of the bands competition (Channel Islands edition) onto the New Blood stage at this years Bloodstock Open Air Festival!! Massive congrats from all the Chaos Crew, and you can check out a review of their single here:


You can see them on the Chaos Mainstage at 8pm on Saturday 28th June.

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Chaos 10

Chaos 10. June 27th to 29th 2014, Pleinmont Point Guernsey.

Guernsey, are you ready?

For the tenth time now Chaos is coming at you and it is going to rock your life from the 27th to the 29th June. Bigger, better and more than ever this is YOUR weekend of bikes, bands, beer and no bullshit! Chaos retains its place as the only truly organic, non-corporate and non-supported Music Festival in the Channel islands, meaning there is no compromise, no motive or marketing, just the best possible time at the lowest price we can do it for you! In doing this it retains its place where you can have the wildest times, or the most peaceful moments, all at your own leisure. Where else do you have a tug of war between teams of children all under ten, interspersed with top international rock acts. Possibly the most beautiful sunset of any festival in the world, preceded by bikes bouncing off the rev limiter in the burnout competition. One moment a solo harpist, then next a death metal band. This is the duality that is Chaos! This is us doing all our favourite stuff so that you too can enjoy it along with us.

Greenman Burnout-8

Chaos doesn’t make money, but is sure does make some memories! How often will you see a heavy metal band stop playing mid set so the crowd can all turn around and admire the sunset over the Hanois Lighthouse and the Atlantic ocean?  How often do you get to see a local politician do stand-up comedy, then take part in a Hide the Deputy Competition? How often do you see Metallica played over a Harp in the sunshine? How often does the entire crowd end up invading the stage and dancing with the band on the final set of the weekend? These are some of my favourite memories of Chaos over the last 10 years. Have you made yours yet?


The really big news for Guernsey this year is that on Friday 27th June Chaos will be headlined by Therapy?.


Following on from the success of their 2012 album A Brief Crack of Light, the group have spent the last eighteen months touring mainland Europe, UK, Ireland and beyond.

Therapy? returned to the UK in April for a short run of shows to celebrate their 1994 album. This coincided with the three-CD deluxe edition re-issue of Troublegum. The set on the night will feature music from their 25 year career from old favourites to new material.


This is followed by them appearing on the main stage at Hellfest 2014. Here they will play to 100,000 people and share the stage on the night  with the likes of Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie, Slayer, Trivium and Sepultura. Exactly a week later they will play to Chaos 2014.


Recently the band have released “The Gemil Box”. a career spanning box set consisting of 7 CD’s of music, 1 DVD of live performance, 12” vinyl, a 24 page hardback art book of personal photos/memorabilia and a cassette!


Not content to sit on their laurels they are currently working on a new studio album due for release in late 2014.

The band’s story stretches back to 1989, when vocalist/guitarist Andy Cairns, bassist Michael McKeegan and drummer Fyfe Ewing – three young men in thrall to Captain Beefheart, The Stooges, Killing Joke,  Motorhead, Detroit techno and the most scarifying, scabrous loathe songs oozing from the American noise rock underground – first set to forging their own none-more-bleak tales of alienation, desolation and dislocation in small town Ulster rehearsal rooms. The first fruit of their unholy union, the whirring, grinding ‘Meat Abstract’, a seven inch vinyl single released on their own Multifuckingnational Records label, was championed by venerable Radio 1 DJ John Peel, bringing the trio to the attention of respected London indie label Wiiija. Two thrillingly aggressive mini albums – 1991’s Babyteeth and 1992’s Pleasure Death – followed: both topped the independent music charts in the UK and Ireland as the word-of-mouth underground buzz on the band was amplified from a whisper to a scream. After a major label bidding war, the trio signed to A&M Records, delivering a Top 30 single (the gleefully unpleasant amphetamine-abuse anthem ‘Teethgrinder’) and Top 40 album (Nurse) for their major label paymasters in 1993.


The following year saw the Larne trio hit their commercial peak: a Trojan horse pushed into the mainstream, the tightly wound punk-metal of Troublegum propelled the band into the UK Top 5, sold 750,000 copies worldwide and spawned no less than five Top 40 singles (‘Turn’, ‘Nowhere’, Die Laughing’, Trigger Inside’ and ‘Screamager’, the lead cut from the 1993’s Shortsharpshock EP), landing the band a Mercury Music Prize nomination in the process. Short-sighted music executives began hailing the band as “the new Metallica”: Therapy? themselves had a rather different blueprint for the future…

The black-hearted melancholia of 1995’s Infernal Love was a radical departure for the trio. Bound together by Belfast-born DJ David Holmes’ cinematic soundscapes, the album was a brooding, twisted, heroically unhinged affair: drugs and comedy moustaches may have been involved. “We were supposed to be writing ‘Enter Sandman’, but we’d be out in a rowing boat in a lake at 2am, off our heads, recording geese and ducks for a sprawling piece of noise called Duck Symphony,” chuckles Andy Cairns. “Perhaps it wasn’t for everyone.” In the boardrooms of their major label, the phrase ‘career suicide’ was muttered darkly. With drummer Fyfe Ewing subsequently departing to be replaced by young Dubliner Graham Hopkins, and Infernal Love collaborator Martin McCarrick (guitar/cello) becoming a full-time member of the group, the quartet delivered one final album for A&M, 1998’s fractured and fractious Semi-Detached, before the label imploded in one of the music industry’s periodic down-sizing moves.


With their backs against the wall, in 1999 Therapy? returned with one of their most off-kilter, challenging and most perfectly realised albums in Sucide Pact – You First, their first release for former IRS boss Miles Copeland’s new independent imprint Ark 21. A sardonically-titled compilation album So Much For The Ten Year Plan – A Retrospective 1990 – 2000 followed, rounding up the ‘greatest hits’ and serving notice, on new tracks Fat Camp and Bad Karma, of the quartet’s increasing infatuation with old fashioned speaker-shredding, head-caving, shit-kicking rock ‘n’ roll ramalama. Recorded in Seattle with famed grunge production guru Jack Endino, 2001’s Shameless was the logical conclusion of this burgeoning love affair, dishing up white-knuckle hooligan blues rumbles for a generation who’d fallen in love anew with the sound of distorted guitars.


2002 saw the departure of Hopkins, with ex-The Beyond/Cable man Neil Cooper becoming the band’s third drummer. Perfectly attuned to the group aesthetic, Cooper’s arrival brought fresh energy and urgency to the band, showcased on the following year’s adrenalised High Anxiety set. Guitarist/cellist Martin McCarrick’s departure in the wake of the release saw Therapy? return to their three piece roots: 2004’s raw, feral Never Apologise, Never Explain album was evidence of their renewed hunger. In 2006, the band returned with album number eleven, One Cure Fits All, a concise, wired amalgam of their trademark angular riffs and slow-burning melodic nous, eclipsed in 2009 by the superb Crooked Timber, a dynamic, assured and powerful set recorded by Gang Of Four guitarist Andy Gill. As they entered the third decade of their career, Therapy? had never sounded more confident, more muscular or more driven. Fans responded in kind, pushing the album to silver status in Europe and demanding the most rigorous touring schedule from the band in a decade. Callow youths no longer, Therapy? had become men. Which brings us neatly up to date, and the release of A Brief Crack Of Light.


“The success of this album won’t be measured in sales but in the knowledge that we’ll be happy with it for years to come,” says Andy Cairns confidently. “It’s important to us to keep moving forward and keep challenging ourselves and the audience. I can put on albums like Babyteeth and Suicide Pact… and Crooked Timber and feel totally proud to have been involved in making them and at the risk of sounding pretentious, we wanted to make an album that stands up strong within our canon. And we’ve done that. With A Brief Crack Of Light we’ve never sounded more like us, slightly odd and slightly apart as always. We can’t wait for people to hear it.”


Support for Therapy? on the night will come from perennial Chaos favourites [spunge], who will be joining Ten Years of Chaos on their Twenty Years of [spunge] tour! Playing all their favourites from the last 20 years plus a selection of new material this effervescent band never fails to get the crowd up and rocking.

Saturday night at Chaos will see the return to Guernsey of The Spindle Sect. The Spindle Sect’s crossover sound has positioned them as one of the most provocative bands to emerge this century, combining elements of metal, hip hop and electronic, with a Sci-Fi lyrical concept.

In 2012 The Spindle Sect had an extremely successful tour as main support for (hed) p.e in the UK, selling out of merchandise and limited edition signed copies of debut full length album “Bubonic Tronic”. The band scored interviews and radio play with single “Escape Route” on Kerrang Radio, Q Radio and recently hailed by Ian Camfield on Xfm’s Rock Show. “Bubonic Tronic” released in April, was mixed by David Schifmann (Limp Bizkit, NIN, RHCP) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Deftones, Korn etc). “Escape Route” was also included on the covermount CD of Big Cheese Magazine’s April issue.

Focusing on building a UK following though live shows and strategic online marketing, they have played headline shows at London’s greatest venues like The 100 Club, The Underworld, The Halfmoon and O2 Academy Islington to name a few. The Spindle Sect have toured nationally supporting bands such as Senser and (hed) p.e and played festivals alongside bands such as Ill Nino, TRC, Breed 77, including a special guest appearance on the Chaos Stage at the last Guernsey Festival.


Rounding out the entertainment on Saturday night at Chaos is the real reason for building this bigger and better stage than ever, the real reason for shipping in a huge pro PA rig, the real reason we have gone over the top with the lighting show, the real reason for metal in Guernsey. NEMESIS. These titans of metal music will be tearing up the stage, shredding their amps and hammering the drums in possibly their final ever appearance! If you like your metal real, with wailing vocals and screaming guitars, Nemesis is for you, so take this opportunity to see them is their proper environment, four feet above the crowd, surrounded by Marshal Stacks and bathed in lights and lasers!

Always there at Chaos providing the perfect foil for the Mainstage is the Peace Tent. Here you can find your own brand of tranquillity, whether that be acoustic music, stand-up comedy, late night blues sets, psy-trance offerings or Cramps O’clock, the Peace tent will cater to you 24 hours a day fuelled by fresh coffee and toasties!


The supporting cast of bands is too big to name them all, but will include your favourite bands from across the Channel Islands. Go to http://chaosevents.com/bands/ for the full line up.


As always the weekend will include the Greenman Chaos custom bike show, The Chaos Tattoo Competition and a whole range of shenanigans to keep you entertained all weekend. The Chaos bar will keep you refreshed with cold drinks, the Peace Tent will supply hot coffee and toasties 24 hours a day and our food vendors will provide you with all the additional nourishment you need!


Advance Weekend tickets are available HERE at £18 for the whole weekend, including camping if you are over 18. For our Jersey friend please keep an eye on Condor Ferries for a special all in Ferry and Entrance Ticket. We have worked with Condor to make sure there is a boat on to get you here Friday lunch time!


Chaos is brought to you by ChaosEvents LBG, a Not For Profit Organisation owned by Greenman Motorcycle Club. The scores of people involved in organising and running this event are entirely voluntary, and give up countless hours of time and effort to make this happen. The only paid contractors are all local Channel Island based and owned companies who provide their time and services at vastly discounted prices to make this happen. Even these companies have all become part of the organisation of Chaos and go above and beyond expectations to make the event run smoothly. The people and Douzaines of Torteval, the regulatory and licencing authorities of Guernsey and the land owners at Pleinmont Point all contribute to making this the great event it is. Any profits that have ever been made at Chaos have been ploughed back into making it a better event every year, and to provide us with the buffer we have needed over the lean years.


The upshot of this is that for less than £20 you can enjoy a whole weekend of entertainment right here in Guernsey. No wondering if the ferry will run, or the planes will fly, no wondering if you will find your way there, no expensive hotels, no inflated expensive ticket prices, no paying extra to put up your tent and stay the whole weekend, no extortionate bar prices for half strength flat beer and definitely no bullshit.


Just great times, great music , awesome motorbikes, amazing company in a beautiful location. Bikes, Bands, Beer and Burnouts! That’s the stuff great memories are made of.


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